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Is Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Worth Buying - Read Our Unbiased Review

by FrankMay 22nd, 20228 mins read

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We are living at a time where staying healthy, fit, and safe is more important than before. While in an outdoor environment we can wear masks and sanitize our hands, the gadgets we hold in our hands puts us at greater risk of contracting diseases linked to viruses and germs.

Yes, it is true that you can clean your phone and other handheld gadgets using wet wipes and liquid sanitizers, but the truth is that there is no guarantee that you have effectively reached every spot on your phone. Worse still, most of the handheld items we are looking to sanitize are electronic devices, which means that they can get damaged by the liquid nature of the liquid sanitizer.

So, what is the alternative? Using a UV sterilizer bag. Several companies have come out with their UV sterilizing bags to help people clean most of their handheld items within minutes. One such company is 59S.

This company has made several UV sterilizer boxes and bags, and one of their most popular sterilizers is the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box.

So, does this sterilizer box work as promised? Is it worth investing in? Why should I buy it instead of going for other cheaper sanitizing options? What makes it stand out?

Well, in our detailed Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box review, we cover all these details to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Let’s get started.

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box

Large Size UV-Clean Sterilizing Bag, LEDs UVC Light Box for Cell Phone/Wallet/Toys/Beauty Tools/Tableware/Bottle/Clothes

24 UVC LEDs & Ozone Free | Certified Safe | Wide Applications | Portable & Large Capacity | High Quality and Valuable

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Is Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Worth Buying- Read Our Unbiased Review

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Review

The Knizen UV sterilizer is an extremely lightweight and portable white-colored bag that can be placed on your coffee table or workstation in your living room or office. It doesn’t take a lot of space and blends well with the surroundings, thanks to its universally-accepted color scheme.

It has a simple design with just a power button on its surface and an LED light indicator on the front. The inner surface is like a tray where you can put the items you need to be sanitized. Despite its soft outer surface, the box is roomy on the inside and can accommodate large-sized smartphones, tablets, and other items. In fact, you can sanitize more than one phone simultaneously.

In terms of usage, the sterilizer bag is very easy to use. Simply place your items in the bag and press the power button. A beep sound will notify you that the sanitization process has begun. After three minutes, the bag will automatically turn off, confirming that the sterilization cycle has been completed.

The company claims that this bag can kill up to 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, and viruses, as per the tests done by certified, independent bodies.

However, the level of disinfection may vary from one item to another depending on several factors such as the length of UV light reaching the surface of the item, UV exposure item, and material. For best results, sterilize one side, then flip the item and sterilize again.

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Specs At a Glance

  • 99.9% sanitization rate. This UV disinfection sterilizer has 24 in-built LED lamp beads with a powerful wavelength of 260-280nm that can disintegrate the DNA and RNA of any living cells they come across. This means that viruses and bacteria will be destroyed in 3 minutes. No liquid sanitizer or water is needed for this process.
  • Certified for safety and effectiveness. Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box has obtained EPA filling certification, FCC certification and passed SGS sterilization test. This means that you can disinfect items with peace of mind knowing that they are safe and effective
  • Wide application. You can use this UVC sterilizing bag to sanitize most household items such as baby bottles, toys, phones, keys, beauty tools, credit cards, and much more. In addition, you can use it in the office care center, and beauty salons
  • Lightweight and roomy. This bag is highly portable and can sanitize most of the items since it has a roomy interior
  • 360 degrees sterilization. Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box is fitted with excellent quality UV LED lamps, and the interior surface is highly reflective. This ensures that everything is cleaned on all surfaces. If you are not satisfied, you can flip your item and run another cycle

Now that you understand the features of the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box, let's discuss how this UVC disinfection bag is able to disintegrate viruses and bacteria cells.

How Does Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Work?

Using a Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box is very simple as everything is hands-free. Once you place the item you want to be sanitized inside the bag and power on this unit, you just need to wait for three minutes, and your item will be fully sanitized.

And since the UV bulbs fitted in this bag cover a 360-degrees angle, it means that there will be no extra work involved. But to be on the safer side, we recommend that you flip whatever you are sanitizing and run a 2nd cycle on the lower surface. This way, you will be assured of full sterilization.

To use the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box, you will first need to plug it in. After that, there is a zipper on the upper side that you should unzip and place your phone, keys, or any handheld items you want to be sterilized inside.

It is important to remind you that UV sterilizers only clean surfaces that the light can reach. Therefore, don't crowd items inside this bag. Make sure every surface of the item you keep inside is getting light. This is the only way you can get full sterilization in a single cycle.

Of course, you can flip items and run a second cycle if the items you had placed inside are obstructing each other. It never hurts to be sure that your items are fully sterilized.

After you have placed your item, push the button on the front side, and wait for three minutes for the sterilization cycle to take place. That's all you need to do.

More about Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box

  • Design

In terms of design, the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box has a simple, user-friendly design. You don't need a user manual to use this bag sterilizer as it only has one button on its surface.

Once you place your items in this bag, you just need to press the button, and the bag will start disinfecting it for you.

In terms of size, this UVC sterilizer measures 9.5 x 7.7 x 5.9 inches, which is enough to fit baby bottles, tablets, as well as everyday items that you want to sanitize.

The bag features a zipper that you open to access the inner surface. What's more, the inner surface is reflective, which means that whatever you are sanitizing will get all-around sterilization.

Overall, this UV Light Sanitizer Bag by Knizen has a soft exterior surface, but it's attractive.

  • Functionality

This UV light sterilize bag uses ultra-violet light to kill bacteria, germs, and other living microbes. The powerful UV light emitted by the LED lights fitted on the inner surface of this bag is enough to disintegrate the DNA of bacteria and viruses, thereby rendering them unproductive or useless.

Unlike traditional sanitation methods that use hot water and chemicals, this bag sterilizer uses UV lights, which reaches every part of your phone surface.

The reflective nature of the inner surface ensures that there are no dark corners when it comes to this box.

  • Safety features

UV light can be dangerous to human skin, which is why Knizen took all the necessary safety measures to ensure that as a user, you don’t come into contact with any UV lights emitted by this bag.

One of the ways they heightened safety is by ensuring this sterilizer cannot run when the top part is not closed. This means that no UV lights can be emitted when the lid is off. Also, if you open before the sterilization cycle goes out, the bag will turn itself off.


  • Quick disinfectionthis bag has a short disinfection cycle of 3 minutes. Within this time, it eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • It is chemical-free. Unlike traditional sterilizers, the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box doesn’t rely on chemicals
  • ✅It is easy to use as you just need to press a button
  • ✅This disinfectant is multipurpose as it can be used at home, office, beauty parlor, etc.


  • ✅It lacks an inbuilt battery, which means you have to plug it into a socket to use it

Why Should You Get Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Instead Of Opting For Other Sanitization Options?

  • Convenience

If you value convenience, then this UVC sterilizer bag will appeal to you more than other cleaning methods. For instance, you can wash your hands using soap and water and also clean countertops and smooth surfaces. But it will not be a good option for cleaning electronics as water or liquid things can damage them.

Besides, electronic devices have ports, crevices, and groves, which means that it can be hard to reach all these germs and virus-harboring spots.

With the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box, you can safely clean all the surfaces of your device, including the crevices, as long as the UV light is reaching them.

  • Hands-free operation

With a UVC disinfection bag such as this one from Knizen, you don’t have to manually scrub your phone surface or other handheld items to clean it. You just need to put it inside the sanitizer bag and leave it there. The sanitizer bag will do its magic. This helps to save a lot of time for you.

Also, other methods of sanitizations, such as using UV wands, for instance, require you to manually clean your device. You have to hold your devices over the surface that you are sanitizing, keeping in mind the distance and exposure time. This can be a hassle for many people.

An automatic sanitizer like Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box eliminates all these hassles.

  • Safety

Another benefit of using a sanitizer bag instead of, let's say, a UV wand, is the level of safety it provides. UV light sanitizes your phone by destroying the RNA and DNA molecules of the living cells.

In other words, it kills living cells. If the powerful UV lights emitted by UV sanitizers lands on your skin, it can be dangerous and can kill cells on your skin. Worse, it can lead to some skin problems such as skin cancer.

However, with a sanitizer bag, you completely eliminate these problems. This is because a UV sanitizing bag only starts operating when it is enclosed. It automatically shuts off if the lid is opened.

With a UV wand, you need to be very careful at what you are pointing at to avoid problems. This problem is eliminated when you invest in Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box. Don’t compromise on safety; buy a UV sterilizer box or bag.

  • Faster disinfection rate

When it comes to effectiveness, there is not much difference for sanitizers that use ultraviolet light to clean surfaces as they eliminate virtually all germs and viruses on surfaces they come across with. The main difference comes at the time it takes to clean and sanitize surfaces. The more powerful a UV light is, the shorter the exposure it needs for disinfecting. With a UV sanitizer bag, all the surfaces of your items will be covered with ease and at a shorter time.

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box Review- Is It Worth Buying?

Staying healthy and avoiding coming into contact with germs and viruses is our main priority during this time and in the near future. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a reliable UV sterilizer bag like Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box.

And even when things will get back to normal, you can carry this bag around while traveling so as to sterilize your handheld items. You don't want to get an infection from viruses and germs stuck on your phone surface.

As you can see from this review, the Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box is an effective, versatile sterilization bag that can suit most homes and offices. It can handle most of the handheld items. In fact, if something fits inside, it can get cleaned. You can clean baby cups, toys, smartphones, car keys, wallet, money, and other mid-sized items with ease.

Get this UV sterilizer bag today!

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box

Knizen UV Light Sanitizer Box

Large Size UV-Clean Sterilizing Bag, LEDs UVC Light Box for Cell Phone/Wallet/Toys/Beauty Tools/Tableware/Bottle/Clothes

24 UVC LEDs & Ozone Free | Certified Safe | Wide Applications | Portable & Large Capacity | High Quality and Valuable

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