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Everything you need to know for sanitizing Pet Hair in the Air

by FrankMar 29th, 20226 mins read

Do you have a pet in your home? Do you need to sanitize your pet hair in the air? Do you live with another person or is it just yourself that lives in the house alone? Do you want to know how to better clean up and remove all of that pesky pet hair from around the house, so that those who suffer from allergies will not be bothered by them anymore? If this sounds like something you are interested in, then continue reading!

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Everything you need to know for sanitizing Pet Hair in the Air

In this article we are going to talk about everything there is for solving your problem. We will cover what a sanitized home means, how long it should take for your home and air quality to become sanitized again after having pets (24 hours), which room is the best to clean up pet hair, and more.

The first thing you will need to do is find a way of cleaning your pets’ hair from around your home, which can be done by using lint rollers or vacuums with very strong suction. Do not use string sweepers because they are too rough on carpets and could cause pet hairs to “lift” with the string.

The second thing you will need to do is find a way of cleaning your pets’ hair from around your home, which can be done by using lint rollers or vacuums with very strong suction.

There are few things you need to concern about the pet hair in the air:

Have you ever had to deal with a person whose allergies are overly sensitive and have an allergic reaction to pet hair?

I had a co-worker once who was allergic to pet hair. It was such a mild allergy they could just dab some antihistamine on themselves, and go about their day. But this person really loved her cat. So she would come into the office every day, with an itchy rash covering her forehead, from scratching at all the pet hair that followed in through the door behind her.

We weren't even sure if we could get around this problem by making them wear masks or something cuz she might already be too sensitized for our humane trapping of pet dander! I told my boss right away that we needed to make this person feel more comfortable or get someone new with a less 'hypocritical' situation.

What are the pros and cons of having pets in your home for allergy sufferers?

The pros of pet ownership are the luxuries of being afforded companionship in your home, and the cons of giving up pets are that it's hard to find someone who loves you as much. Aside from this obvious choice between finding somebody or living alone, there aren't very many other drawbacks to fighting off allergy symptoms for the sake of a little extra company now and then.

24-hour air purifier for pet hair

The best way to clean pet hair is with an air purifier. You can also use the upholstery attachment on your air purifier, vacuum, and some steam cleaners come equipped with tools for removing animal hair. Do not use chemicals or solvents to try to remove the fur from furniture, as this could cause permanent damage! A 24-hour opening air purifier is a great option for the pet owner if you have more pets.

Do not forget to empty the air purifier periodically and follow all of your specific product instructions.

The best tip for sanitizing pet hair in the air is by using a 24-hour opening air purifier, which will remove any allergens from your home or office environment while helping you breathe easier!

3 best air purifiers for the pet owner

Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters

Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters

Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters

for Large Room and Home, Quiet Bedroom Air Cleaner for Allergies, Pets, Dust, Dander, Pollen, Smoke, Hair, Odors, Smart

Every Purchase Saves Pets | 3 Stage Filtration | Honeycomb Structure Filter | Automated CirQulate System | Filters Included | Accommodating size

Every Purchase Saves Pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets. The Air400 is designed to purify the air in large rooms up to 450 sq ft. It features a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles and smaller including pollen, dust, smoke, hair, and pet dander. This model also includes an ionizer and a natural air freshener that eliminates odors, it also has an auto shut-off feature.

It is the perfect choice for removing dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, and other airborne pollutants from your home. The Air400 features a Honeycomb Structure Filter that captures more microscopic particles than ordinary filters. In addition to superior filtration performance, the Air400 also has an Activated Carbon Filter that has a unique honeycomb design filled with carbon pellets to better effectively gasses and VOCs as well as odors from cooking, pets, smoke, and more.

The Bissell Air400 is a lightweight, compact air purifier that fits into tight spaces and works quietly to clean the air in your home. It has a CADR of 279 for smoke and measures 11 x 10.5 x 16 inches (WxHxD). The HEPA filter removes 99% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air passing through it, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and tobacco smoke. This unit also features an activated carbon filter that reduces odors by absorbing them into its pores.


  • ✅Keep your house cleaner and fresher than ever before.
  • ✅Save money on expensive vacuum cleaners.
  • ✅The honeycomb design filters air more efficiently.
  • ✅Automated CirQulate System monitors PM2.5 and adjusts fan speed as needed to keep the air clean.
  • ✅Breathe cleaner air.
  • ✅Sleep better at night.


  • ❌A bit noise.

Alen FLEX Air Purifier

Alen FLEX Air Purifier

Alen FLEX Air Purifier

Quiet Air Flow for Large Rooms, 700 SqFt, Air Cleaner for Allergens, Dust, Mold, Pet Odors with Long Filter Life

RECOMMENDED FOR: Dust, dander, allergens, pet fur, and odors | B4-PURE FILTER | TRUE HEPA | CLEANS AIR FAST | SLEEP MODE

The Alen air purifier is recommended for those who are allergic to dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. The B4-Pure filter can be used to eliminate asthma and allergy triggers. This sleek design fits well in any space from small to large rooms. It has a CADR rating of up to 230 square feet.

It is a 3-speed air purifier that cleans 700 SqFt every 30 minutes. It features True HEPA technology to remove 99.99% of bacteria, aerosolized viruses, and airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns. Plus, it has a Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Layer that lasts 3-5 months longer than standard filters! The FLEX can be used as an air cleaner in any space from small to extra large bedrooms, living rooms, offices, nurseries, kitchens, and basement.

Alen FLEX Air Purifier is a top-rated air purifier, featuring HEPA-grade filtration. It's the only air purifier that automatically adjusts to your breathing patterns and intelligently monitors your sleep. The result? You wake up feeling more rested. Alen FLEX uses patented technology to monitor your breathing patterns and adjust its speed accordingly. When you're sleeping soundly, it slows down so you can rest easy knowing it's working hard for you all night long!


  • ✅Reduce asthma and allergy triggers.
  • ✅Keep your home clean with a sleek design.
  • ✅The True HEPA filter lasts 3-5 months longer than standard filters.
  • ✅Cleans 700 SqFt every 30 minutes, twice as fast as key competitors on Turbo.
  • ✅Sleep mode is easy to use.


  • ❌Filter light detection no so well.

Medify MA-112 Air Purifier

Medify MA-112 Air Purifier

Medify MA-112 Air Purifier

with H13 True HEPA Filter | 2,500 sq ft Coverage | for Smoke, Smokers, Dust, Odors, Pet Dander | Quiet 99.9% Removal to 0.1 Microns | White, 1-Pack


The Medify MA-112 is an advanced air purifier that has a CADR of 950, meaning it can clean large spaces up to 3,700 sq ft in one hour and 2,500 sq ft in 30 minutes. It features HEPA H13 filtration which captures 99.9% of particles including odors, smoke, pet dander, dust, and more down to 0.1 microns in size (HEPA H11 filters capture 0.3 microns).

It is a compact unit that can be used for rooms up to 300 square feet. The Medify MA-112 air purifier has a sleek touch panel with an optional ionizer, dust sensor, sleep mode, filter replacement indicator, auto mode, PM2.5 indicator, and child lock. This unit also features ultra-quiet operation with fan speeds from low to high and an easy-to-use digital display. The MA-112 is ideal for bedrooms or any room where you want clean fresh air!

The Medify MA-112 Air Purifier is a great choice for small rooms up to about 120 square feet. This air purifier features a HEPA filter, ionizer, and optional UV light for effective allergen elimination. The room size selector switch is used to set the desired coverage area. When the unit runs out of clean air, it automatically shuts off and restarts when fresh air returns.


  • ✅Cleans large spaces in less time.
  • ✅Captures more particles than HEPA H11.
  • ✅Silent operation.
  • ✅Low energy consumption.
  • ✅Sleep mode to dim the unit's panel lights.
  • ✅PM2.5 indicator for clean air.
  • ✅Child lock, great for both kids and pets.


  • ❌Consume spacel.

Final Thought

We’ve shown you how to sanitize your home and air quality after having a pet, but don’t forget that the best way to keep it clean is by preventing future messes. Check out these helpful products on Amazon that will help you get rid of unwanted hair around the house! This article should have given you all the knowledge you need for solving your problem about pets in houses. If not, we are always here for more advice or questions at any time. Feel free to leave comments below with anything else we may be able to assist with as well.

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